Item# N-1868 . . . $385.00


Althogh it's true, there isn't a single gemstone I don't love, I have a special place in my heart for aquamarine. This is a large, rose cut stone with a ghosty inclusion on the top left. The color is an ethereal baby blue. The back is closed to reflect light out of this magnificent stone. A golden bezel halos the stone, with a back plate of silver. Oxidized stamping make this piece come to life. A handmade chain isn't too shabby either!

- aquamarine, rose cut, flat back 22 x 15 x 8mm thick, 22 carats

- backplate is silver plate, all other silver is sterling
- jewelers red brass bezel

- 18 inches in length, the clasp can catch any other link for shorter length

- sterling silver clasp