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"In precious opals there might be a dash of red here, a seductive swirl of blue there, and in the center, perhaps, a flirtatious glance of green. But each stone flickers with a unique fire and a good opal is one with an opinion of its own" - Victoria Finlay.
These aren't my poetic words to describe the beauty of an opal but I could not have said it better myself! Opal are a favorite of mine and each one is so individual! This is an Australian opal on ironstone, polished to perfection, no surface cracks or fractures. Absolutely stunning in daylight and impossible to capture in a photo. I made a sterling bezel around it with a little swirl at the top. It hangs on substantial sterling chain with a glint of sparkle from the cz that snuggles next to it.

- Australian opal doublet (on ironstone) 37 x 22 x 6mm

- sterling silver bezel set cz
- sterling wire , chain, & components

- 16 inches in length

- sterling lobster claw clasp