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I designed this necklace with some of my favorite things. I love turquoise! I collect it. I have turquoise from just about every American mine, including some beautiful collector's turquoise from mine that have long been depleted. They are my treasures! The stones in this necklace are from the Morenci Mine in Arizona. Incredible, clean color! This piece includes vintage coral, also one of my favorite materials to collect and design with, Bali beads, and a fluorite natural crystal focal. I used leather to make an interesting closure with a loop and a vintage rhinestone button. The versatility of this piece is also unique. Wear the focal in front, to the side or in the back - it's beautiful from end to end! Oh, and I can't forget about the spacers in between each turquoise bead - these are at least 100 years old. They are in perfect condition. They are old/new stock, which means never been used. They are vintage cut steel tiny beads that were sewn onto purses and used in jewelry. I collect these as well. Love them!

- Morenci Mine, AZ natural smooth turquoise rondelles 6mm
- natural vintage coral beads
- natural fluorite crystal 17 x 13mm

- silver Bali beads, rhinestone encrusted rondelles, sterling silver components, leather

- 25 inches in length

- loop & cz button closure