Item# N-1530 . . . $325.00


Two types of opal. The body of the necklace is composed of Peruvian blue opal saucer shapes with the teeny tiniest of gold tone vintage cut steel beads in between. The pendant is a freeform Australian nugget with rose cut faceting. It's a gorgeous jelly opal. I attached it to the Peruvian blue opal necklace with leather and some fancy knotting. LOVE IT! I think this piece is beautiful!

- Peruvian blue opal saucer shape beads (gorgeous color) 4-5mm
- freeform, geometric, rose cut Australian jelly opal pendant 26 x 18 x 5mm

- vintage gold tone faceted spacer beads
- tan leather

- 22 inches in length

- bronze "s" clasp