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I loved about this glass. It's called "Roman" glass and it is found in archaeological excavation sites in Israel & other Mediterranean countries. These pieces of glass originally belonged to a vase, jug, or vessel. The presence of sandy dunes & beaches made ancient Israel one of the largest glass producers of the Roman Empire. That same sand helped preserve, shape, & temper the glass used in jewelry like the earrings I made here. Contaminants manufactured into the glass, in combination with the environment in which the glass spent hundreds of years, produce the vibrant luster, speckling, & iridescence in place of the original clarity & transparency that once was. Please use care not to get the glass wet - don't shower or swim with the earrings on. Water may cause the beautiful coloration and iridescence to flake off. Altho this seems obvious, please keep the earrings separate from other jewelry that can cause chipping when knocked around with your other pieces.

- ancient "Roman" glass in a variety of shapes, largest piece 15 x 10 x 2.5mm
- sterling silver wire

- 2 inch dangle

- sterling silver earwire