Item# E-3172 . . . $145.00


I'm over the moon for moonstones! They are magical and a pleasure to look at. These are grey, rose cut slices of exceptional quality Ceylon gems. They are glossy and very chatoyant. Chatoyance in a stone is the dancing, moving sheen of light across the face of the stone that brings it to life. I had these specially cut and polished as a pair and they need nothing more to enhance their beauty. Only a special sterling earwire to feature on each ear. That's it! Plain and simple and absolutely perfect!

- Ceylon grey moonstone, rose cut slices 17 x 10 x 3mm

- sterling silver wire & components

- 1 1/2 inch total dangle
- 1/2 inch wide
- AAAA translucent chatoyant quality

- sterling silver "teardrop" earwires